Empowering Students for Success

County Special Services Districts can work with districts to create programming for students based on need.

County Special Services School District Programs

New Jersey’s County Special Services School District provide a wide array of programs and services to approximately 3,900 students in eight counties – from as far north as Bergen County to Cape May County at the southern tip.

      • Autism
      • Multiple Disabilities
      • Emotional Disabilities
      • Moderate to Severe Cognitive Impairment
      • Preschool Disabilties
      • Early Intervention
      • Auditory Impairments
      • Alternative High School
      • Severe Medical Disabilities
      • Vocational training/life skills/job coaching

We are empowering our students to be independent and be successful.”

Dr. Kerri McGinley

Assistant Superintendent, Atlantic County Special Services

Student Programs Available in Your County